The reality is characterized by its changing nature.

Hence, sometimes our texts also require a little update, for example, in the form of additions and explanations.

Especially nowadays the reality is changing extremely quickly.

In this entry, which is exceptionally #timeless in its nature, we included all additions and various types of follow-ups to the following texts:

#devilinside – some ideas for providing effective support for culture – on VOD fees 🙂

In my opinion, it can pursue its primary objective, namely, to support cinematography.

The fee also applies to SVODs that are not based in Poland (nice).

The fee is valid from July. The closest deadlines for fees should be met at the end of the year’s quarter, that is in September.

The dates for applications and proceedings before the Polish Patent Office #PPO and #EUIPO during the pandemic

The PPO starts on 24 May 2020. We keep going forward🙂.

Elections in the Covid-19 era versus voter’s personal rights

There were no elections this time. In our opinion, this was the only way to avoid several legal problems and associated unnecessary costs, which eventually would have had to be paid by the State Treasury, in other words, by the citizens’ money, our money. Well-done 🙂.

To be continued – further follow-ups soon.