Business areas

Business areas in which we provide support in all legal aspects of business activities (360-degree legal solutions) both for start-up legal entities and those enjoying an established market position:

Media and Telecommunications, including press, radio, Internet, and TV (also interactive).

Advertising, including ATL, BTL, digital, social and influencer marketing, display, and programmatic campaigns.

Culture and art, including the art market and the use of artworks in commercial activities, particularly in advertising.

Entertainment industry, especially including audiovisual productions (films, series, shows, entertainment programs and others) as well as VOD systems available in both streaming and downloading modes, regardless of the chosen revenue model (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, NVOD etc.).

Content, including graphics, texts, photographs, both audio and audiovisual as well as commercial and non-commercial productions; content management and protection.

New technologies and online business, including e-commerce, electronic services, SaaS and licensing platforms, data research and analysis, cloud computing, behavioral targeting, and programmatic model.

IT, including both the creation, deployment and other activities related to software; programming services; tailor-made software development, an adaptation of existing solutions to the needs of the client; IT assets management.

R&D, including all research and development activities, protection of the trade secret of developed solutions and other R&D products protected by industrial property rights, mainly inventions, utility models, industrial designs; financing and supporting research and development projects.

Intellectual property

Comprehensive advice on intellectual property (IP) rights, including copyright and related rights, database rights, industrial property rights (inventions, designs, trademarks, etc.) and other exclusive and non-exclusive rights concerning intangible goods (such as works, artistic performances, phonograms, videograms, databases, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, topographies of integrated circuits, trademarks and know-how).

Services in this area include, for instance:

  • chain of title IP assets examination and valuation
  • assessment of protection possibilities and support in obtaining IP asset protection
  • recommendations for trading and securing IP assets
  • verification and support for the negotiation of contracts covering IP issues
  • analysis of disputed and litigation cases as well as support in pre-judicial and judicial legal actions concerning IP assets

Electronic services

Comprehensive support for the provision of electronic services, including both e-services (online services) and e-commerce (online sales), taking into account applicable Polish, EU and international regulations.

Services in this area include, for instance:

  • assessment of online business management 
  • support in choosing as well as adapting legal and business model  
  • development and implementation of documentation which is both publicly available (regulations, terms of use, legal notes) and internal (procedures governing business processes, e.g. HR, Sales, Marketing, Client Service)

Data protection & compliance

Evaluating and adapting business activities to applicable laws and regulatory standards, including GDPR, privacy, AML controls and other activities relevant to specific business areas.

Services in this area include, for instance:

  • complete implementation, legal, organizational and technological advice on compliance with relevant regulations
  • pre- and post-implementation audits
  • mock inspection to prepare for supervisory authority’s control  
  • analysis of business solutions according to the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default approaches

Contracts and business negotiations

360 support for drafting, negotiating and executing contracts as well as drawing up external documentation (including regulations, terms and conditions, policies, statements) as well as internal documentation (procedures, analyses, etc.).

Services in this area include, for instance:

  • business and legal analysis of contracts
  • development of standard and made-to-measure contracts
  • preparing opinions on business and legal risks
  • developing negotiating strategies and tactics as well as conducting negotiations


Representation in disputes both at the pre-litigation stage and proceedings before courts and other authorities, including foreign jurisdictions.

Usługi w tym zakresie obejmują m.in.:

  • support in negotiations at the judicial and extra-judicial stage
  • development of an overall strategy and tactics for the proceedings
  • verification of proceedings conducted in business areas of our specialization
  • representation in court and before other authorities
  • representation or support in proceedings concerning obtainment of exclusive rights to inventions, designs, trademarks and other goods protected by industrial property rights (Polish, EU, and foreign jurisdictions)

Crisis management

Our crisis management practice covers a wide range of diverse solutions not only in the area of law, but also related to PR, management, or HR, depending on our Client’s situation. The offer of Rainka (and, where necessary, its trusted partners who are renowned experts in their fields) is a prime example of a tailor-made package based on changing requirements of a particular event. 

Crisis management essentially involves three fundamental stages:

  1. Anticipating events leading to a problematic situation (mainly while providing a continuous, comprehensive service to our Clients).
  2. Immediate, multi-faceted reaction to the event, including support in determining its source and mitigation of its negative impact.
  3. Post-crisis audit and implementation of improvements to minimize the risk of similar events in the future.

The unquestionable advantage of Rainka’s crisis management services lies in their comprehensiveness. Our team, permanently supported by independent experts, works effectively and multi-directionally to maximize and, most importantly, accelerate the positive effect of the undertaken initiatives.