Wiktor Rainka
Managing Partner

Wiktor Rainka is a managing partner at Rainka Attorneys. In the past, he was, among other roles, Legal Counsel CEE for Showmax, Legal Counsel for Wirtualna Polska; and partner, of counsel, and associate in several Polish law firms and law firm networks.

Since 2007, he has been involved in court proceedings and advised entities representing business sectors in the scope of the company’s areas of practice, focusing in particular in providing legal services in the framework of their business activity. He is a negotiator specializing in managing crises and securing businesses from a legal standpoint. 

An expert and a member of the legal group and the personal data protection group Interactive Advertising Bureau Poland (IAB Poland). Co-author of Code of Conduct and Best Practices for the Processing of Personal Data in the Online Advertising Industry created as part of IAB Poland’s activities.

Mr Rainka works as a lecturer at the H. Grocjusz Intellectual Property Rights Center. Previously, he was a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (copyright law), Tischner European University (copyright and press law), SAR Marketing Communication Association (Academy of Advertising Law), PRoto (law in PR). He is also a speaker at conferences and lectures organized by GIODO/PUODO.

Author of numerous press and online publications.

Wiktor Rainka